Senate which is comprised of all Faculty professors is supreme professional organ of the Faculty of Administrative and European Studies. Professional affairs are carried out by the Manager, Department of Administrative and European Studies, Secretary, Project Team and Students Service. Governing body is Management Board and Dean is executive body at the Faculty.

Management Board regulates questions necessary for realization of functions prescribed by the Foundation Agreement as well as questions regarding study programmes, appointment of academic staff, financing of the Faculty, etc.

Dean of the Faculty, as executive body represents the Faculty, organizes and controls teaching, scientific and research work at the Faculty, determines individual work engagement of teachers and associates in scientific and research projects and is accountable for accomplishing educational and scientific activities. Also, in line with previous consent of Management Board of the Faculty it appoints managers of internal organisational units of the Faculty and executes decisions made by the Senate and Management Board of the Faculty.

Directly and indirectly Faculty includes students and other interested parties in management by encouraging dialogue, exchange of opinion, experience in practice and all with the aim of making rational and expedient decisions and with the aim of creating atmosphere of cooperation and continuous striving towards innovation.

On daily basis students have the opportunity to talk to the Dean or Faculty Manager at all times and present their attitudes and opinions. In addition, Faculty is open for cooperation with other institutions and media.