Faculty Symbols

In the circumstances of much more complex public communication, with growing number of participants in communication, creating and cherishing clear visual identity of FDES is of great importance.

FDES concept is created through all contacts that the Faculty creates in its surrounding, and thus for the Faculty it is necessary to have clear and direct means of presenting and achieving its identity.

Utilisation of elements of visual identity of the Faculty of Administrative and European Studies has been defined by internal document – graphic standards book.

Logo of the Faculty in vector format may be downloaded from the following links:

Vertical versions:


Horizontal versions:


More logo versions including .cdr and .wmf versions can be downloaded from HERE. Colours are integral part of the logo and thus one of basic elements of visual identity. FDES colours are yellow and blue.


  • CMYK code – C: 7%, M: 19%, Y: 94%, K: 0%
  • RGB code – R: 239, G: 201, B: 59



  • CMYK code – C: 100%, M: 100%, Y: 0%, K: 0%
  • RGB code – R: 62, G: 64, B: 149


Slogan of the Faculty is “Ne budi broj, budi ime” (Don’t Be a Number, Be a Name).

Typography is one of very important elements that determine standard and visual identity as a whole. Thus, the only font that may be used in creating business and other documentation within visual identity of FDES is Calibri Font.