Having regard to the fact that Faculty of Administrative and European Studies together with its partners deems that young people are agents of changes and that they should be given all necessary conditions in order to acquire knowledge that will help them to improve their surroundings, it has established cooperation with numerous partners such as:

  1. Universita di Bologna – Alma Mater Studiorum – Italy;
  2. Faculty of Administrative and European Studies from Kranj – Slovenia;
  3. European Faculty of Law from Nova Gorica – Slovenia;
  4. Faculty of Law at University in Kragujevac – Serbia;
  5. University „Sv. Kiril i Metodij“ Skopje – Macedonia;
  6. Banja Luka College – Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  7. Faculty of Law, University in Nis – Serbia;
  8. Faculty of Administration at University in Ljubljana – Slovenia;
  9. University Mediteran – Montenegro;
  10. Faculty for Management in Traffic and Communication – Montenegro;
  11. Human Resources Management Authority;
  12. Coordination team for the implementation of Communication Strategy on Euro-Atlantic Integration of Montenegro
  13. Parliament of Montenegro;
  14. Constitutional Court of Montenegro;
  15. Basic Court in Podgorica;
  16. Administrative Court of Montenegro;
  17. Ministry of Interior of Montenegro;
  18. Ministry of Defence of Montenegro;
  19. Ombudsman – Protector of human rights and freedoms of Montenegro;
  20. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration;
  21. Ministry of Justice;
  22. Ministry of Health;
  23. Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare;
  24. Ministry of Human and Minority Rights;
  25. Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism;
  26. Ministry of Economy;
  27. Agency for Electronic Media;
  28. Agency for the Protection of Personal Data;
  29. Agency for Environmental Protection;
  30. Metrology Office;
  31. Community of Municipalities of Montenegro;
  32. Capital Podgorica;
  33. Municipality of Bijelo Polje;
  34. Municipality of Mojkovac;
  35. Royal Capital Cetinje;
  36. Gymnasium “Slobodan Škerović“ Podgorica;
  37. Secondary School of Economics “Mirko Vešović“ Podgorica;
  38. Gymnasium “Petar I Petrović Njegoš“ Danilovgrad;
  39. Gymnasium “Drita“ Ulcinj;
  40. Secondary School “Vukadin Vukadinović“ Berane;
  41. Gymnasium “Panto Mališić“ Berane;
  42. Secondary School of Economics and Electronics in Bijelo Polje;
  43. Secondary Professional School in Bijelo Polje;
  44. Gymnasium “Miloje Dobrašinović“ Bijelo Polje;
  45. Gymnasium Cetinje;
  46. Secondary Professional School in Cetinje;
  47. School of Economics and Hospitality in Nikšić;
  48. Gymnasium “Stojan Cerović“ Nikšić;
  49. Mixed Secondary School “Vuksan Đukić“ Mojkovac;
  50. Mixed Secondary School “Braća Selić“ Kolašin;
  51. Gymnasium “25. maj“ Tuzi;
  52. Mixed Secondary School “Ivan Goran Kovačić“ Herceg Novi;
  53. Secondary School of Economics and Hospitality in Bar;
  54. Gymnasium “Niko Rolović“ Bar;
  55. Mixed Secondary School “Mladost“ Tivat;
  56. Secondary Maritime School in Kotor;
  57. Gymnasium Kotor;
  58. Mixed Secondary School “Danilo Kiš“ Budva;
  59. Mensa of Montenegro, etc.