Library of the Faculty of Administrative and European Studies is equipped with the most contemporary books, publications, scientific and professional works in the area of public administration, international law, local self-government, etc.

Apart from almost 1000 titles in the fields taught at the Faculty, the library fund also includes important titles as e-books (.pdf files) which are available to students through internal information communication system of the Faculty.

In the time to come, the Faculty will seek to provide access to electronic data bases such as EBSCO base in order to make it easier for students to find rare expert papers and facilitate their scientific and research work as well.

The goal is to continually work on enhancing library fund through partnerships with public administration bodies, local communities, partner higher education institutions and agencies specialized for areas taught at the Faculty.

The library is at students’ disposal at all times and it includes reading room with 15 seats that enable students to use library resources in quiet.