Budget Places

Recognizing importance of study programme taught within undergraduate studies of FDES, in the study year 2012/2013 Government of Montenegro allocated funds for financing 15 students, what is one of the parameters confirming quality, justifiability and expediency of FDES work in educating young people for work in state bodies, local self-government bodies and international organizations.

Based on the cooperation that FDES has with municipalities, within the previous study years, over 15 FDES students were given jobs at the end of studies pursuant to contractual cooperation.

Apart from the support given to FDES by the Government of Montenegro and scholarships from local self-government units, FDES frequently finances its best students, and in that sense, so far, FDES has financed from its own funds over 20 students in all areas of study. Criteria for such financing include level of achieved results in the curriculum and engagement of students in extracurricular activities.

Just as the case was in the past, FDES will pay special attention to these questions, since apart from knowledge, it is necessary to provide atmosphere which will provide students with additional satisfaction for studying and also value the work of the best ones.