Basic Information

Faculty of Administrative and European Studies (FDES) with its seat in Podgorica was founded in 2005 through public-private partnership. FDES founders are Capital Podgorica, Faculty of Administrative and European Studies from Kranj (Slovenia), Local Democracy and Partnership Agency from Podgorica and two physical entities from Italy and Slovenia.

FDES study programmes within undergraduate and postgraduate studies are created in accordance with needs for developing administrative capacities in Montenegro on its way towards EU membership.

Within undergraduate studies, during six-term period, study programme of state and legal and European studies is realized. This programme has been recognized by the Government of Montenegro as programme of public interest and therefore for the study year 2013/2014 fifteen students were financed from public budget.

Within Specialist Studies which last 2 semesters the following programmes are run:

  • State and Legal Studies;
  • European Studies.


Within Master Studies which last 2 semesters the following programmes are run:

  • State and Legal Studies;
  • European Studies.


For organizing and running these study programmes Faculty has accreditation from the Higher Education Council.

Apart from accredited study programmes, the Ministry has given the Faculty license for scientific and research work which enabled the Faculty to participate in projects of scientific and research activities.

FDES has vision to become leading regional educational, scientific and research institution in the area of training staff for work in public administration and EU institutions.

The following features characterize academic work at FDES:

Up to date programme

Contents of study programmes at FDES are the most contemporary ones for Montenegro and countries in the region. They provide staff training for work in EU institutions, international organisations, state administration, local self-government, which has been understood by the Government of Montenegro that finances programme of undergraduate studies as study programme of public interest.

High quality teaching staff

At FDES eminent lecturers and associates from the country and region are in charge of transferring knowledge and they help students to master areas of public law, political sciences, international relations and economics in a high quality manner.

Individual work with students

Care about each student and provision of equal chances for all depending on interest is common practice at FDES, which shows excellent results.

Internship and practice

Through different activities, during the studies, FDES provides intern positions to its students in the Government, ministries, municipalities, etc. Also, the Faculty enables its students to participate at numerous local and international conferences, seminars and congresses.

Work on projects

Faculty participates in numerous European projects which will provide best students with direct project experience. In addition, from the first study year on, the Faculty enables and finances highest quality students’ projects.